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Did you know your credit report might contain errors? These errors could result in a variety of issues: higher fees and interest rates on loans, credit denial, or even trouble getting approved for an apartment or job. 

Many people turn to traditional credit repair companies to resolve these errors and end up spending hundreds of dollars a month with no guarantee of lasting results. 

But you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on credit repair. There are free tools out there (like ours — Upturn really is a free tool) and there are important reasons to take advantage of these tools to resolve credit report errors. 

Boost your credit score 

If your credit report incorrectly indicates past-due payments, your credit score could needlessly take a hit, so fixing this information could give your credit score a sizable boost.

Gain access to better loan terms and credit products 

The better your credit report looks and the higher your credit score is, the more favorable you will look to lenders and creditors. This can potentially help you score better interest rates, lending terms, open the door to better credit products, and allow you to save money in the long term. 

Now that you understand the value of getting these errors fixed, you’ll also be happy to learn that you don’t always have to shell out tons of cash to get it done. You can remove credit report errors with Upturn Credit (and yes, it really is free) without relying on costly credit repair companies.

[See it in action — download Upturn for iOS or Android now.]

Here’s what the Upturn app can help you do 

  1. Quickly and easily see what’s on your credit report.
  2. Identify errors on your credit report.
  3. Dispute those errors with the click of a button. (The whole process takes just a couple of minutes.)
  4. Stay on top of your credit report and credit score by regularly monitoring both through the Upturn app.

Some Upturn users even report seeing their credit score improve by 25-50 (or even more) points. 

Ready to resolve your credit report errors for free? Download Upturn Credit for Android or iOS today.