It’s wise to review all items on your credit report at least once a quarter. This can be done by going to, which enables you to view your reports with all three credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). You can also look for up-to-date information on your TransUnion report by logging into your account on Upturn.

When you read your report, review everything, even your personal information such as your name and your social security number. You should also make sure that all accounts listed are accounts that you opened, and make sure that there are no collections accounts listed if you never had a loan or line of credit go to collections.

After you’ve covered your bases and if you’re reviewing your credit report several times per year, then it might make sense to turn your focus to things like the accounts that show up, the most recent payment history on those accounts, and the balances.

If you see a new account that you didn’t open, for example, that’s cause for alarm. It could be an error on your report, or it could be a sign of identity theft. The sooner you handle it by disputing the account, the better. As for payment history, if you’re being marked for a late payment that you know was paid on time, then your score could suffer needlessly as a result. That’s another example of a time when you should consider disputing the item.

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