Upturn is ceasing its operations on 3/31/2021. For more information, visit our closure FAQs page.

Upturn is now mobile-only. Come join us!

Whether you are new to Upturn or have been with us for some time, we know that you are working hard to improve your financial life. And so are we. So now, we provide credit reports, help you dispute errors online, and notify you about your credit in real-time, only through our mobile app. Join us simply by:


Going to app store and searching 'Upturn Credit'


Downloading the app


Signing-up in just a matter of seconds


QR download upturn app

Just point your QR code app or your phone's camera to the QR code and it will automatically redirect you to the app store. Then just follow steps 2. and 3. above.

Grow your credit with Upturn